VICTRON ENERGY – Skylla-TG 24/50 (1+1) 120-240V

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Skylla-TG 24/50 (1 1) 120-240V

Skylla-TG Charger

One full-rated output and one 4 Amp output. Charge voltage can be precisely adjusted to suit any battery system. The input for the charger is 230V at 50/60HZ. Charge voltage can be measured directly on the battery terminals in order to compensate for voltage loss due to cable resistance. An external sensor allows for measuring battery temperature and compensating charge voltage accordingly.

Models: 24 / 48 Volt


  • Brand: Victron Energy
  • Manufacturer Part Number:   SDTG2400503
  • Input voltage (V AC): 120 / 230
  • Input voltage range (V AC): 90-265
  • Input voltage range (V DC): 90-400
  • Frequency (Hz): 45-65 Hz or DC
  • Power factor: 1
  • Charge voltage ‘absorption’ (V DC): 28.5
  • Charge voltage ‘float’ (V DC): 26.5
  • Charge current house batt. (A) (2): 50
  • Charge current starter batt. (A): 4
  • Charge characteristic: IUoUo (three-step)
  • Battery capacity (Ah): 250-500
  • Temperature sensor: Yes
  • Can be used as power supply: Yes
  • Remote alarm: Potential free contacts 60V / 1A (1x NO and 1x NC)
  • Forced cooling: Yes
  • Operating temp. range: -40 to 50°C (-40 – 122°F) (Full output current up to 40°C)
  • Humidity (non-condensing): max 95%
  • Dimensions: H365 x W250 x D147mm
  • Weight: 5.5Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years


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VICTRON ENERGY – Skylla-TG 24/50 (1+1) 120-240V

Universal 90-265 V AC input voltage range and also suitable for DC supply

All models will operate without any adjustment needed over a 90 to 265 Volt input voltage range, whether 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

The chargers will also accept a 90-400 V DC supply.

Germanischer Lloyd approval

The Chargers have been approved by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) to environmental category C, EMC 1. Category C applies to equipment protected from the weather. EMC 1 applies to conducted and radiated emission limits for equipment installed on the bridge of a ship.

The approval to GL C, EMC1 implies that the Chargers also comply with IEC 60945-2002, category ‘protected’ and ‘equipment installed on the bridge of a ship’.

The GL certification applies to 185-265 V AC supply.

Other features

– Microprocessor control
– Can be used as a power supply
– Battery temperature sensor for temperature-compensated charging
– Battery voltage sensing to compensate for voltage loss due to cable resistance

Other Skylla Chargers

– Standard 185-265 V AC models with additional output to charge a starter battery
– GMDSS models, with all required monitoring and alarm functions.

Weight 5,5 kg