110 years ago the population base sat at around 1 Billion people. These numbers remained at that level for hundreds of years which the earth could easily sustain, however with the population explosion, the preservation of our planet hangs in the balance.

Unfortunately humans show little or no regard for the earths resources and adopt the who cares about pollution as it doesnt affect me, approach. We don’t notice the increase in asthma and other respiratory diseases. We don’t notice the strain the planet is under because it does not directly affect us so who cares?

Sadly this mentality will be our demise. Greedy governments have not recognised the wise words of the scientific soothsayers who have predicted the destruction of our lives as we know it. Extinction of thousands of life forms go by unnoticed and the last to go may be us. Who cares, right? Let us rather focus on wealth creation, land acquisition and happiness.


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What can we do? Who will save us? How can we make a difference? The answer, although complicated, is quite simple.

The two big enemies at play are the consumption of coal and oil. The usage of fossil fuels is the direct result of damaging amount of CO₂ being pumped into our atmosphere.


Start implementing initiatives to eliminate your carbon footprint. Reduce the electricity dependency in your home by exchanging all the light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs, change your electrical stove to gas, install a Solar Water Heater, join a lift club , recycle and be more environmentally conscious.

About Us
About Us

"It is only when we realise that we only have one Earth to live on, that we will make changes to preserve it."


Gener8 Power Solutions is a team of aspiring entrepreneurs who understand the need to implement changes that will help save our beautiful planet.


There is a symbiotic relationship between nature and man whereby Earth is doing its part to maintain and repair itself through the exchange of carbon for oxygen making this planet habitable for us to populate and grow.

The only problem is, we humans have not done our part. Over population, greed, war, ownership mentality, amongst a whole plethora of other traits, have created tremendous strain on the planet and the cracks are starting to show.

Turning point

It is well documented that the turning point, being the irreparable damage to our planet, is on our doorstep and will bring along serious ramifications. 2013 has been cited as a year whereby if the CO₂ levels will be at such a stage that it will be irreversible if we don’t change our polluting habits. Our weather patterns have already changed and the Earth will slowly start reclaiming its independence. Human beings are essentially self destructive whereas mother earth only knows self preservation. Who will win the battle in the end?

How did we get here?

Our dependency on oil and coal has created more pollution than the earth can handle. Our plant life can only suck up so much CO₂ everyday. We pollute our air, our rivers and our soil to the point that we are now beyond the levels that Earth can sustain, thus creating a challenge we cannot easily reverse. In documentaries like, “An Inconvenient Truth” and ,”The Age of Stupid”, lies the key to a paradigm shift in the consciousness of every consumer whereby information displayed will affect your belief system and bring about change in your daily habits.

Are we disciplined enough to save ourselves?

Gener8 plays a role

Our range of alternative energy solutions are all aimed at saving our precious planet. Whether it’s a Solar Water Heater, Heat Pump or other Photo Voltaic products (solar panels), we are ready to save the planet one installation at a time.

Our national franchise network is trained and eager to help you. Our products are SABS approved and Eskom accredited thus allowing you to take part in the Eskom rebate program.

The Department of Energy is still reviewing the rebate system, we expect to see a new rebate system implemented in the short term.

Differences are made by decisions taken. Every great success started with a decision. Make a difference for your children, grandchildren and future generations.

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