VICTRON ENERGY – Cyrix-Li-ct 12/24V-230A combiner

R 2,617,00

Cyrix-Li-ct 12/24V-230A combiner

The output voltage of alternators or battery chargers will not need to increase because of no voltage loss. Is also an excellent replacement for diode isolators.


  • Brand: Victron Energy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CYR010230412
  • Dimensions: H65 x W100 x D50mm
  • Weight: 0.27Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years


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The Victron Energy Cyrix-Li-CT 12/24V 120A Intelligent Li-ion Battery Combiner is microprocessor controlled heavy duty relay which automatically connects batteries in parallel once one has reaching the pre-set voltage. It also disconnects when voltage reaches below float level. Holds a continuous current of 120Amps as well as adjust automatically to 12V or 24V systems.

Weight 0,27 kg