VICTRON ENERGY – Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/10 + DC Connector

R 2,236,00

Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/10 DC connector

Connect the battery with ease

The charger comes with both crocodile clips and M8 eyelets – making it easy to connect to the battery. If you wish, you can leave it permanently connected.


  • Brand: Victron Energy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BPC121031024R
  • Dimensions: H60 x W105 x D190mm
  • Weight: 0.9Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years


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The Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/10 is the new professional battery charger with built-in Bluetooth. The Blue Smart IP65 Charger can be used on devices in your workshop and on motor vehicles, such as (classic) cars; motorbikes; boats and camper-vans.

Features of the Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/10

The battery is charged, smartly… to perfect condition

The seven-step charging algorithm gets the best out of your battery. The charger gives the battery the power it needs, maintains its health, ensures better performance… and a longer life.

Recovery of deeply-discharged ‘dead’ batteries

Unlike other brands, the Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/10 will attempt to recharge a deeply-discharged battery by force-feeding it with a low current. Normal charging will then be resumed as soon as there is sufficient voltage across the battery terminals.


A lead-acid battery that has been insufficiently charged or has been left discharged during days or weeks will deteriorate due to sulfation. If caught in time, sulfation can sometimes be partially reversed by charging the battery with low current up to a higher voltage.

Weight 0,9 kg