VICTRON ENERGY – Battery Protection Battery balancer

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Battery Protection Battery balancer

Victron Energy Battery Balancer
The Battery Balancer equalizes the state of charge of two series connected 12V batteries, or of several parallel strings of series connected batteries.When the charge voltage of a 24V battery system increases to more than 27V, the Battery Balancer will turn on and compare the voltage over the two series connected batteries.


  • Brand: Victron Energy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BBA000100100
  • Dimensions: H100 x W113 x D47mm
  • Weight: 0.6Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years


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Battery Balancer demo web-app

With the Battery Balancer demo web-app you can demonstrate on your phone or tablet how the battery balancer works. There are two sliders on each side of the screen. With these sliders you can create an out of balance battery system. As soon as you release the slider, the balancer will then operate based on the specifications in the data-sheet. The onscreen LEDs and energy flow will react accordingly.

Weight 0,6 kg