VICTRON ENERGY – VE.Bus Smart dongle

R 1,171,30

VE.Bus Smart dongle

The VE.Bus Smart dongle is two products in one:

First of all, it is the Bluetooth accessory for our range of inverter/chargers: Multis, MultiPlusses, MultiPlus-II, MultiGrid, MultiGrid-II, Quattros, and our series of Phoenix Inverters with a VE.Bus port. When installed, use the VictronConnect App to monitor operation and also operate the system: change the input current limit as well as switch between Off, On, and Charger-only modes.

Secondly, it can work as a Voltage- and Temperature-sense device for the inverter/charger. This works with all models.

For monitoring, the device is a great alternative in caravans, smaller yachts, and motor homes for which the Color Control GX or Venus GX is a step too far.


  • Brand: Victron Energy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ASS030537010
  • Products Supported: MultiPlus-II, VE.Bus devices
  • Temperature on VRM: Yes
  • VE.Smart Networking: No
  • Operating Input voltage range (Vbat): 8 – 70Vdc
  • Current draw (@12V) – BLE not connected to VictronConnect, VE.Bus bound: Not joining a VE.Smart network <6mA / Joining a VE.Smart network <9mA
  • Current draw (@12V) BLE connected to VictronConnect, VE.Bus connected: Not joining a VE.Smart network <7mA / Joining a VE.Smart network <9mA
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 50°C / 0 to 120°F
  • Humidity: Max. 95% (non-condensing)
  • Protection grade: IP20
  • Material and colour: ABS, matt black
  • Warranty: 5 Years


Add-ons total:


The dongle has the following features and functionalities:

-The dongle can remotely control the inverter/charger via Bluetooth and the VictronConnect app. The inverter/charger can be
switched to on, off, or charger-only and the AC input current limit can be adjusted.

– The dongle can remotely monitor the inverter/charger via Bluetooth and the VictronConnect app. The AC and DC parameters, device status, warnings, or alarms can be monitored.

-The dongle can be connected to a single inverter/charger or multiple inverter/chargers set up in parallel and 3-phase.

– The dongle measures the battery temperature and voltage.

– The dongle can act as a battery temperature and voltage sensor for an inverter/charger and/or for VE. Smart Networking.

– The dongle can be connected to an external temperature sensor, rather than its own (default) temperature sensor.

What’s in the box

-VE.Bus Smart Dongle.

– Removable terminal block with screw terminals.

-Black battery (-) connection wire with 10mm eye terminal.

-Red battery ( ) connection wire with 10mm eye terminal and inline fuse.

What’s not in the box

-Temperature sensor for BMV-712 Smart and BMV-702. This temperature sensor can be used as an optional external temperature sensor. Note that the temperature sensor is shipped with the label “CAUTION: BMV702 only!”. This caution can be ignored for use with the VE.Bus Smart dongle.

-UTP RJ45 cable. This cable is required to connect the VE.Bus Smart Dongle to the inverter/charger or inverter. This cable needs to be purchased separately.