VICTRON ENERGY – Phoenix 12/800 VE.Direct AU/NZ (AS/NZS 3112)

R 3,166,15

Phoenix 12/800 VE.Direct AU/NZ (AS/NZS 3112)


VE.Direct communication port:

The VE.Direct port can be connected to:

– A computer (VE.Direct to USB interface cable needed)

– Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, MacBook’s and other devices (VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle needed)


  • Brand: Victron Energy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PIN121800300
  • Dimensions: H105 x W216 x D305mm
  • Weight: 5.5Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years


Add-ons total:


VICTRON ENERGY – Phoenix 12/800 VE.Direct AU/NZ (AS/NZS 3112)

Victron Phoenix pure sine wave inverters:

Inverters convert stored direct current(DC) power in your batteries into alternating power (AC) power, like the kind you get in your home, so you can run your electrical appliances wherever you are. There are two types of inverters pure sine wave and modified sine wave. Modified sine wave inverters are a more basic form of technology than pure sine wave inverters, they produce power which is perfectly adequate for powering simple electronics. Use modified sine wave inverters to provide power for your less sensitive appliances like phone chargers, heaters and air conditioners. Modified inverters are best suited for resistive loads which don’t have a start up surge.

Pure sine wave inverters use more sophisticated technology to protect even the most sensitive electronics. Pure sine wave inverters produce power which equals – or is better than – the power in your home. Appliances which may not function properly, or which may be permanently damaged, without pure, smooth power will be safe with pure sine inverters. Use these inverters for televisions, laptops, digital microwaves, fridges and other sensitive electronic equipment. Pure Sine inverters can power just about any AC appliance without risk of damage.

Weight 5,5 kg