VICTRON ENERGY – MIDI-fuse 125A/32V (package of 5 pcs)

R 190,680,00

MIDI-fuse 125A/32V (package of 5 pcs)

Fuse ratings and how to select the correct fuse:

When selecting a fuse there are 4 selection criteria:

  • Current rating
  • Voltage rating
  • Speed
  • Type


  • Brand: Victron Energy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CIP132125010
  • Dimensions: H8 x W12 x D42mm
  • Warranty: 5 Years


Add-ons total:


What are Midi-Fuses?

Victron MIDI-fuse 60A/32V (package of 5 pcs) and Midi-Fuses are bolt down fuses that can protect high currents in circuits up to 200amps. The Midi Fuse offers a space saving option over other fuses like a mega fuse especially if you are running smaller cables.

What are Midi-Fuses used for?

Fuses are used in any run of cable as a protection to ensure the cable does not catch fire in the event of a ‘short’ to ground. You should always correctly size fuse to protect the cable they are installed on.

Where do I install the Victron MIDI-fuse 60A/32V?

The best place to install a Midi fuse is in each positive length of cable in the system, this also means that problem solving faults and shorts is much easier as you are able to pin point the problem to a single stretch of cable that the fuse is blown on.

How should I specify a Midi-fuse?

With each Midi-Fuse is rated by the ‘Continuous Current Rating’ and this is printed on each fuse. The continuous current rating is the maximum amount of current that can be past through the fuse continuously at a specific temperature and voltage. When you specify a fuse for your system you should consider your load to be around 75% to 80% of the rated Midi-fuse. When you specify a midi-fuse in any build that you are working on it is important that the fuse is the weakest part of the system to ensure that it will blow first.

Why should you use Victron MIDI-fuse 60A/32V over aftermarket low cost versions?

Victron Energy are a Global company and they spend lots of time and money researching testing the products before they are sold, Victron products are made from higher spec materials and are all covered by the Victron 5 year warranty for manufacturing defaults. Always use the genuine Victron MIDI-fuse 60A/32V in your systems.

Why are Fuse’s better than Circuit breakers?

Circuit breakers provide overload protection in the same way as a fuse but have the benefit of being able to reset the system. The way a circuit breaker works is to break the circuit continuity they typically work thermally when the excess heat generated by an overload triggers contactor’s to open and break the circuit.

Whilst breakers are very good in a number of ways like they can be reset and used to isolate parts of a system a good quality Victron Midi-fuse installed correctly in a system will always be more reliable than a breaker that has moving parts.