Candle with Solar Light – SW019

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The candles that never go out. Up to 600 charge cycles for base, up to 1500 charge cycles for candle, 8 hours charging time in direct sunlight/60 000 lux

The two candles use the latest battery technology which will give over 30 hours of light each from a single charge


Add-ons total:


  • Up to 30 hours of light per candle from one full charge
  • Charging base with twin charging bay
  • On/Off switch under each candle

Light Specification

3pcs LED per candle giving 18 lumens of light per candle


Rechargeable alkaline 1.5V 1700mAh candle

Solar Panel

0.5 W, Dimensions: 54 x 64 mm Polycrystalline panel


Charge in socket to base for each candle

Candle port: 3,5 mm DC Jack & socket