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Why become a franchisee?

  • It has been said that the solar industry, together with the green initiatives will be the largest industry of the modern day.
  • Our national sales volume is expanding extensively with the recent change in market demand.
  • Home and Business Solar Power are now more in demand and is becoming the norm especially with new developments
  • Solar Water Heating, Heat Pumps and other alternative energy devices have become the standard installations now for all homes and businesses
  • Our Franchisees have access to solar finance solutions making affordability for all customers possible
  • With our lead portals wee receive leads daily which we hand out to our team. This allows you, the new franchisee, to prosper much quicker making profit easier to come by.

Advantages Of Becoming A Solar Franchisee

  • The industry is exploding (Fastest growing industry in SA now).
  • Eskom Rebates systems although at this stage on hold it is still under review with the DOE
  • Electricity pricing is non static, forcing customers to find other energy alternatives.
  • The demand far exceeds the supply.
  • Our requirements for investment and continued association are reasonable.
  • The Gener8™ Success System is designed to build your business and entrepreneurial skills with focused on going training
  • Territories are pre-determined based on number of licenses attributed to an area allowing trade to flourish throughout.
  • You are your own boss. Each office is independently owned and operated.
  • We have launched at the perfect time to take advantage of the needs of the market.
  • Our sales are inevitable. With our lead generation system, our franchisees cannot cope with the demand.
  • The modern day consumer understands our market and knows the right solution.
  • The business is self perpetuating.
  • Through various product offerings, residential, commercial, state of the art Power Solutions.
  • Our Franchise support includes a technical support and Our focus is the best product for any solution.

Ideal Owner

As this is a partnership between us and a franchisee, it is important to establish the “right fit” for our team. The right fit would be reflected in the following qualities:

  • Ambitious.
  • A Problem Solver (Technically Orientated).
  • A Go Getter.
  • Creative.
  • Systematic.
  • Teachable.
  • People Skilled.
  • Tenacious.
  • Systems Orientated.

If there are skills you feel you lack, we are confident we can teach these skills to you. However, ambition, determination and drive are attributes we cannot instil.

Part time / Full time?

Many of our most successful franchisees started their businesses part time. With full time jobs, they worked their businesses to the point that they could do it full time. It is not essential to give up your current occupation to pursue a Gener8 franchise, however it must be said that you will be as busy as a honey bee for your first 2 years.

Investment Required

Gold License
R 75 000 (excluding VAT)

Platinum License
R 95 000 (excluding VAT)

Retail Turnkey Solution
R 950 000 (excluding VAT)

Countries outside of South Africa
Available on request.

Included in this license are the following:

  • Gener8™ Franchise Territory License.
  • Gener8™ Training
  • Franchise Marketing starter pack.
  • Vehicle branding allowance.
  • Gener-8™ Electronic communications Media.
  • Dedicated Web Page on web site and email address.
  • National Web Based exposure.
  • Full Initial Induction Training including; technical and installations
  • Masterclass Sales and Marketing training
  • Start Up stock with branded marketing display accessories
  • Access to our full product range.
  • Ongoing training and support.

Our Gold license is a work from a small office or home based office. All the normal business communication tools implemented, you work at leisure and travel to see your clients. Your vehicle is branded; you have a full “external branded pack”.
Platinum License is a retail store. The additional investment includes all the branding necessary for the store, namely window branding, counter and rear wall print. The initial investment does not cover shop fitting or stock. This option is not an automatic option unless authorized by the Gener8 Franchise head office.

Brand Management Fee 
To ensure ongoing development of the brand on a national level, Gener8™ endeavors to cover ongoing brand development and customer awareness initiatives. This is paid for through the franchise network by means of a small monthly fee of R 2,950.00 + VAT (linked and increased annually to CPIX).

This fee covers:

  • Branding and Marketing of Gener8 Power Solutions nationally.
  • Internet marketing initiatives that generate leads for your branch.
  • The running of head office.


No royalties are payable to Gener8™

It should be noted that based on your current monthly financial commitments will determine the capital amount you would require before commencement of the franchise. Many wannabe franchisees start a new business not fully understanding the ramifications of living without an income whilst your business gains momentum. As a general rule, you should have a minimum of 6 months worth of personal expenses in escrow to cover your basic life style costs.

Become a Franchisee Today and Start your Own Sustainable Business