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Frequently asked questions

    01. What is a Solar Geyser?

    A Solar Geyser is a device that heats up your water using Solar Energy instead of using electricity.

    02. What is the benefit of a Solar Water Heater?

    There are two distinct benefits. Firstly, you will immediately save electricity thereby lowering your monthly energy bill. Then there is the benefit to the planet as you will be reducing the carbon footprint created from the burning of coal to produce the electricity.

    03. What is the typical lifespan of a Solar Water Heater?

    Our product is guaranteed to 10 years but typically your system will last for 20 years.

    04. Will the Solar Water Heater heat my water sufficiently?

    Absolutely. The system is designed to heat your water to the same temperature as your current geyser giving your free hot water on tap.

    05. How long will it take to recoup my investment into a Solar Water Heater?

    This answer depends on how many people are using hot water in your home. An average family of 2 adult s and 2 children will yield a saving of plus minus R500 - R900 per month thus giving you a payback period after your rebate of just over 1 year dependant on the solution installed.

    06. How effective is Solar Water Heater when its cloudy?

    Answer: Solar water heaters rely on solar radiation which when overcast is minimized thus reducing the efficacy of the system. You will however still get temperatures of 50 degrees which is still hot enough to shower for the whole family. All our geysers have an electrical element as a backup so you will never be without hot water.

    06. Who will pay me my rebate back, Eskom or Gener8?

    The good news is, Gener8 franchisees will now subtract the rebate amount from your system at the onset thus allowing you to get your rebate subtracted directly from your retail pricing. The benefits of dealing with a group large enough to not only ensure a quality installation but also allow for your convenience upfront.

    07. Why is a new geyser and collector favorable over a retrofit option?

    It is our experience that geysers that were never designed as a Solar Water Geyser, generally do not last when theyve been tampered with. A new system always means long life with minimal challenges. There are however Geysers that are compatible, thus allowing for a cheaper conversion to Solar Water heating. Ask one of our team on whether you can convert.

    08. Is there an Eskom rebate on Solar Panels?

    Eskom is currently in the process of introducing a customer incentive program for Solar Panels. They are fully aware of the cost implications and seek to assist environmentally aware consumers who wish to not only save on their energy bills but also to offset their carbon footprint. For Projects of a larger capacity there is a rebate system in place and is calculated on the expected savings

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