ITS – 4.7HDP ITS – 4.7HDP Heat Pump (4.7kW)


Great design meets powerful performance with the ITS 4.7HDP heat pump, where its low operating noise and class-leading efficiency will ensure both high savings and satisfaction. The ability to connect with other solar heaters and ITS heat pumps mean you can create a large and efficient hybrid system, and using natural energy in the air mean it’s friendly for both your wallet and the planet. Built-in systems mean the heat pump can actually defrost itself automatically when operating in an outdoor sub-zero temperature.

Model Number ITS-4.7HDP
Heating Cap 4700W
Power Supply 220V/1/50hz
Input Power 1,17KW
Running Current 5,8A
Casing plastic
Refrigerant R407c
Air Temperature 0 – 45 deg
Hot Water Generated 110 L/h
Water Temperature 60 deg C
Noise Levels 52dB(A)
Water Connection 3/4 inch
Net Weight 43kg
Net Dimensiosn 940x310x640